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DA BEEHIVE was started for the culture. People say they do it for the culture in the hip hop world. But when the culture has to do things to make it to the next level, the price tag is more than the culture can afford because the culture comes from property. So I, KillahBee, took it upon myself to start this podcasting networking platform. I'm from Tampa Florida and I’ve been  making music since I was nine years old. I have come to see that it’s really not for the culture at all, because the coach can never really fit the bill if you’re already doing something to generate money and fund your career.


DA BEEHIVE is a place for up and coming artists, startup companies, etc that want to talk about their services or their career and get themselves known. Most cast or interview outlets or radio outlets charge anywhere from $500 to $1000 to $1200 for a pop-up or interview! Well to pull up at DA BEEHIVE and turn up with KillahBee, hangout, smoke one, you know the vibes, it’s only $25. I have been an artist for over 30 years and I know what it's like to want an interview but can't afford one until they're already famous. At that point  you can afford multiple interviews and radio pop-ups. That’s not who DA BEEHIVE is for because I don't think that’s for the culture, that's for the rich. So if you've been feeling left out and really want an interview DA BEEHIVE IS THE PLACE TO BE HANDS DOWN!!!!! 


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